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Beh ciao, sono Marisa

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Consegniamo settimanalmente cassette di fiori freschi sullo stelo, per te ed io da “Disporre Insieme”.

Like Madam Lampini, every bunch is unique and full of its own character.

Madam Lampini

Madam Lampini was established in 2013. The iconic 1974 HY Van was a nod to Marisa’s French/Italian Heritage. Today the business has grown to encompass a broad range of services but still maintains its unique energy and style, with daily bouquets and installations being created for homes, as gifts, for retail venues and for events across Sydney.


vibrance, tone, depth


colour, texture, scent

Signature Bouquets

Just like us, no two flowers are the same and with this comes a world of beauty. We delight in knowing that there is no standard arrangement and every bouquet that leaves our studio is different and unique. 


Mother Nature, and our extremely talented growers, have  always had the  ability to deliver when in comes to bringing us beautiful, high quality flowers. We choose flowers and foliages that grow side by side in nature and we arrange them together. This is how we create 

"Arranged Together"

“Arranged Together" is a way to buy flowers that is fun and creative. We send you a regular box of flowers together with an “Arranged Together” tutorial video, unique to your box.

This is possibly the simplest way to showcase each different  flower type while at the same time bringing them together to create something really special. Of course, you also have the option of splitting up the vases and finding just the right spot for each of them in your home.

Madam Lampini will guide you on how to put these flowers together.  Think of it as a creative teamwork.


beauty, scale & purpose

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creativity, celebration & curiosity

Benvenuto in un nuovo fantastico modo di acquistare fiori

We can design, create and install a wide variety of work from intimate or unique weddings to corporate events and collaborations with fashion houses and design agencies.


Working with you, we can bring floral design to emphasise your idea, special event or project.

Benvenuto in un nuovo fantastico modo di acquistare fiori

Ci "Organizziamo Insieme". Ciò significa che ti consegniamo bellissimi fiori sullo stelo, che con il nostro aiuto e la nostra guida, puoi creare un bellissimo display. È un abbonamento creativo, se vuoi.

Siamo specializzati nella "stratificazione", una tecnica in cui vengono utilizzati due o più vasi e tipi di fiori per creare display belli e drammatici. Maggiori informazioni su questo nella pagina Layering.

Naturalmente creiamo anche un numero considerevole di bellissimi bouquet, ghirlande, composizioni di vasi e installazioni aziendali ogni settimana. 


E alcuni dei bouquet delle ultime settimane.